Wudang Tai Ji Quan 28

Internal and external movement - Yin and Yang

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This Ignite (Intermediate) course will give you a systematic introduction into one of the most well known Taoist Tai Chi forms - the Wudang Tai Ji Quan 28 form. This set is the shorter version of the Wudang Tai Ji Quan 108 form. If you have already completed my Tai Chi Spark program, this form is the next step toward mastering Tai Chi, where you learn to coordinate your body's movement and connect the sections you will have learned. Perahps you can add this practice to your daily routines. 

Please consult with a physician before starting any exercise program. All exercise programs have a possibility of physical injury. 
If you choose to engage in this exercise program, you acknowledge that you will do your best to focus and listen to your body and that you take full responsibility for your practice and any potential injury. Please be patient with yourself and enjoy your practice.

Course Summary

One section will be introduced each day and you are more than welcome to pace your practice according to your learning capabilities or the time you have, to devote to your practice. I'll go over the external movement, then add the breath and eventually the internal movement. Once you have understanding of the physical movement (Li), begin to refine it with breath awareness, tension release (Sung) and mind's intention (Yi). 

Practice with end result in mind

Here is an example of the Tai Chi form you can learn. However the camera can only capture the external movement, not the internal. To move the body with high level of grace and flow, one needs to understand and practice the internal movement, which will be further explained in the videos.

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Marek Chromik

About the Instructor

Born and raised in Slovakia, I left my family home at the age of 21 to learn English in the UK. Came to Colorado at the age of 26. Physical movement and martial arts were always so much fun for me and although I didn't learn easily or quickly, but once I understood the movement while deepening my focus, I was able to retain what I learned. I later noticed I really enjoyed explaining the movement I learned and decided to start teaching classes. I started teaching Kung Fu and Kickboxing in 2006 and incorporated Eclectic Ground in 2012. I spent a month in Wudang Kung Fu Academy in China where I studied Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Gong and later received a "Sifu" (Master) certificate from Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong after a few years of progressing through my Wing Chun Kung Fu studies under my Master Keith Worfel of Denver Wing Chun (late grandmaster Ip Ching lineage). I have also studied with a few other Tai Chi & Chi Kung masters (like master Adam Mizner or master Mark Rasmus) where I gained deeper insights into the internal power (Chi).

My long term goal is to create a community of individuals who are interested to learn to know themselves through internal energy practices, martial arts and its principles, through re-training the mind and healing the heart with self empowerment exercises, in order to help each individual to find their path and fulfill their dharma. This is a self-sustaining community, where we find common interest in keeping our bodies healthy as we age, our mind sharp and our heart open with compassion and gratitude. A community of individuals curious about life, how the world works and how we redefine this world or ourselves in it and create a new reality from place of curiosity, respect and love.